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Tanaka, Hiroyasu, CEO of JATCO Korea Engineering Corp.

Hello. My name is Tanaka Hiroyasu, and I am the President of JATCO Korea Engineering Corp. 

1. Please briefly introduce yourself to our readers, and tell us about what you do and about your company.

JATCO develops and supplies automobile transmissions, and therefore, its major industrial sectors are development and manufacturing. To provide a simple explanation of what transmission is, it is a component which connects the engine to the wheels and transmits the power generated from the engine to the wheels. JATCO supplies transmissions to Renault Samsung and GM Korea, and also to Dongfeng Yulon of China as an OEM.

2. What would you identify as the key success factors in becoming a leader in the automobile engineering industry?

Selection and concentration are the top priority. As JATCO was not the biggest OEM maker, the resources we could invest in development were restricted. This is why we selected CVT as the field we should focus on, in order to become the best in the world. To earn the recognition of customers around the world, we developed our technical abilities and the competitiveness of our products, and that’s how we became the number one transmission developer in the world.

3. What were the key factors JATCO considered when deciding to enter the Korean market?

JATCO decided to enter the Korean market mainly because Korea had similar engineering and development conditions to Japan’s. Korean workers have a similar mindset, characteristics, and sense of responsibility and pride to Japanese workers. So, JATCO found Korea the most appropriate place in Asia in fact, in the world – to establish an organization that meets Japanese standards. Also, the company thought it would be beneficial to establish another organization outside of Japan and gain various viewpoints from around the world. If I were the CEO of JATCO, I would have made the same choice.

4. What do you see as the strengths of the automobile engineering industry in Seoul compared to other countries or cities?

There are many automobile component suppliers in Seoul. And with many manufacturers and contractors, Seoul is an ideal place to assemble components into a new component. Additionally, since JATCO Korea is an engineering company, we require an excellent workforce. Seoul has many excellent workers coming together from all over the country, and so the city is the wonderful place to recruit young talent. Seoul is a global hub, not only in terms of the engineering industry but overall, and the adjacency with Incheon Airport, the hub airport of East Asia, and the accessibility to the global market it provides, are also great benefits.

5. You were awarded the Social Contribution Award at the 2018 Seoul Foreign Business Awards. How did that feel?

It was a great honor and joy to receive such a valuable award. JATCO Korea has provided meals in underprivileged villages in Seoul, offered financial support for those living in difficult conditions and hosted cleanups and garbage pickups. The award is particularly meaningful in the sense that the city was recognizing our lengthy efforts in the area of social responsibility, which have continued for 20 years since the foundation of our company.

6. Can you briefly give us your forecast on the future of Seoul’s automobile engineering industry? 

What do you believe is the key if Seoul is going to seek continuous development and establish its position in the global market in the engineering sector?

Korea, and Seoul in particular, is a place where the industrial pyramid is already established, and so the engineering industry can progress along with the changes in future generations. The industrial pyramid from the automobile OEM to the end provider is well-established in Seoul, and this is something that cannot be found easily in other countries, not even in China. I believe this is a great asset that brightens the future of the automobile engineering industry of Seoul.

To develop further, I believe Seoul should prepare plans to appeal to other countries based on the city’s abundance of outstanding workers, so that global companies from various fields will visit Seoul for recruitment.

7. Finally, please describe Seoul in one word.

I would say that word, ‘opportunity.’ I believe Seoul is a city that is quite a colorful city, in various ways. Meeting great talents, recruiting an outstanding workforce, developing new technologies, and enjoying my life here were all opportunities.


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