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Matthew Shampine, General Manager of WeWork, Korea

My name is Matt Shampine, I am the general manager of WeWork, Korea.


1. Please Introduce WeWork compny.

WeWork is a platform for creators. WeWork provides them a great office environment or saves them on the built-out costs, low deposits but as well as the ability to use any of the spaces that we have around Korea or around the world for their teams. There are WeWork locations in all the different cities where companies are forming their offices so we're working with them to help them have a place for their teams in no matter what city they're going to and as they also travel, they can use WeWork locations. I think we really do believe that if you help people make new friends, friends will go out of their way to help their friends and so you're going to build all these very strong business connections by being a part of the WeWork community. And last part of it, I think is you know us working with them to really hear what their goals are as a company and figure out how we can help them achieve that right whether that's from finding other companies within WeWork to market, to work with invest in our partner with, to putting on events to connect with new types of individuals or companies or organizations that they are looking to expand their business in unique and creative ways.

2. What were the reasons you considered entering the Seoul Market?

I think that Seoul itself is a very dynamic city and the local government here has also been very supportive of this idea of the sharing economy. We really determine this whole is this kind of economic hub in Asia and there was a lot of great opportunity both with the startup community but also the fact that so many multinational companies created fairly substantial offices here. We also believe that you know it's a great landing point for us to come into Korea and get started in you know what is the city that helps connect all the rest of Asia together.


3. How WeWork has achieved substantial growth in the 2 years since it expanded into Seoul?

We've been very fortunate here in Korea. We've really had amazing support from the local government here in Seoul from KOTRA and from all the different business partners we've met along the way. I think that the government here is very proactive. They're always trying new things. They're very supportive. They always would love to you know have whether it's us or companies within WeWork participate in the different initiatives that they have going on. I think that the other side of it is you know coming in with this idea of hiring and growing great like local talent and in the end, helping to empower them with the ability to make decisions on their own so they can be successful here. We have an amazing team that continues to grow very fast but also they're very creative. So you know for us, it's been a very friendly business environment that we've found to really help accelerate our growth.


4. WeWork was presented an award in the field of investment promotion at the 2017 SFBA. Please tell us about your thoughts on this.

Right now I just think it's a really amazing opportunity as a part of WeWork to help the creators and the businesses here become more successful both on a global scale but also helping foreign companies be successful here in Korea as well. We also would love to be a part of helping multinational companies be successful and invest heavily here in Korea so I think it's a real collaboration. I think that it's just a matter of time as like the environment here continues to evolve and change and supporting the local creators and entrepreneurs and startups in a way that will help them both succeed here but also very importantly be successful internationally.


5. Do you have any advice for investors who are considering investment in Seoul?

I think the first piece of advice I always give to individuals or companies thinking of going to any country is kind of that idea of going in with this humble mindset and really trying to understand the local environment. if you're thinking of starting a new business here, there's a lot of really great resources both by the Korean government and Seoul City that it's important to take advantage of in terms of just communicating to them your intentions and allowing them to help you be successful.


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