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2017 Seoul Foreign Business Awards


On November 22nd (Wed) at Westin Chosun Hotel Grand Ballroom, Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) hosted 
Seoul Foreign Business Awards 2017’ to honor foreign-invested companies that have contributed to Seoul’s economic 
and social development through active FDI, job creation, and inclusive growth, and to attract continuous investment.

First, two winners in the Investment Promotion area were selected from among the pool of the foreign companies 
operating in Seoul with large amounts of FDI (foreign direct investment). 
The winners were ① Konica Minolta Pro Print Solutions Korea (Ltd.S.), which provides composite services, 
and ② WeWork Korea, a co-working space provider.wlr

In the Inclusive Growth area, Dassault Systemes Korea, which underwent active CSR activities to resolve the social inequality 
and disparity of the citizens of Seoul, and to provide new education opportunities and supportive measures 
for the socially vulnerable, was selected as the winner and presented with a plaque.

In the Job Creation area, Wilson Parking Korea and SK Encar.com Korea, which created more than 60 new job openings 
during the last two years, were selected as the winners.



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