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Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea in Far East Asia, is a main gateway to and logistics hub of Northeast Asia, whose production accounts for one third of the world’s total output. The city is ideally situated for day-long business trips, as the

DMC stands for Digital Media City, a state-of-the-art digital media entertainment (M&E) cluster located in a 569,925 ㎡ (172,000 pyeong) area in Sangam-dong. Seoul City expects to complete its construction by 2015. Sangam is considered a gateway to the northwestern region of Seoul. 

DMC will greatly contribute to Korea’s positioning in the knowledge-based market of the 21st century through its advanced IT, human resources, and entertainment capabilities as already demonstrated through the global phenomenon dubbed Korean Wave. 

DMC will be a core element of the new Sangam Millennium City Plan along with the World Cup Stadium, World Cup Park, and Eco Village. DMC will be the first place in the world where state-of-the art digital technologies coexist with the natural environment. 

An independent broadband optical communications network is built here, with wireless and satellite telecommunications services available to form the world’s best broadband telecommunications system. At DMC, visitors can access the Internet for free.


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