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Seoul Metropolitan Government Signs Business Partnership with London Fashion Week, One of the World’s Top 4 Fashion Week Events


Seoul Metropolitan Government is promoting a partnership of exchange & cooperation with ‘London Fashion Week,’ which along with Paris, New York, and Milan is one of the ‘Big Four’ Fashion Week events in the world, in order to support the participation of Korean designers in London Fashion Week and invite promising designers from London to visit Seoul, which will expand the scope of Seoul’s fashion industry.


Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the city has signed a business partnership on the ‘exchange and cooperation of fashion businesses’ with Seoul Design Foundation and the British Fashion Council. The British Fashion Council is the organizer of London Fashion Week and London Fashion Week Festival, and promotes the development of promising designers and the overseas expansion of London’s fashion industry.


The first steps toward this partnership were taken by Seoul Metropolitan Government, which proposed an exchange program to the British Fashion Council, which is known for its excellent designer development program. The two cities agreed to cooperate on the following: Exchanging information on key fashion events, Promoting a designer exchange program, Exchanging information on fashion-related networks, and Maintaining a mutual consultation system on an ongoing basis. The details of the content and schedule for the designer exchange and development program are still to be arranged.


Since 2014, Seoul Metropolitan Government has hosted ‘Seoul Fashion Week’ every March and Fall at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) to promote the overseas expansion of domestic designer brands and discover promising young designers. The event has become one of the biggest fashion events in Asia, with 640,000 participants including 2,500 Korean and foreign buyers and press. The City plans to promote programs that facilitate international exchanges of designers and the incubation of promising designers, for those participating in the Seoul Fashion Week event.


“The partnership will support Korean designers in their entry to the global fashion market, and help them establish new sales routes,” commented CEO of Seoul Design Foundation Gyoung-ran Choi, who also added “I sincerely hope that the talented Korean designers who are discovered through the partnership’s designer development programs make real progress on the international stage”.


As well, Director-General Tae-hee Kim of Seoul Metropolitan Government exclaimed, "This interaction with overseas fashion leader cities is an effort to enhance the competitiveness of Seoul's fashion industry. Through the partnership with London Fashion Council, the City is aiming to promote the globalization of Soeul's fashion industry and enhance its profile as a City of Fashion."



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