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Seoul’s Tourist Attractions to Host 365 Fashion Show


This year’s ‘Seoul 365 Fashion Show,’ a fashion show that enters the daily lives of Seoul residents under the slogan ‘Seoul as a runway, anywhere, 365 days,’ will commence this Spring in the 3rd show held since 2016. Runways will be set up at a number of Seoul’s most popular tourist attractions including Seoullo 7017, Seoul Museum of Art, and Banpo Hangang Park, to present unique fashion to the public throughout the year.

This year, the fashion shows will be combined with other cultural events, giving visitors the chance to enjoy more than just the 15 minutes of the fashion shows. The runways will also be designed to reflect the characteristics of each attraction, providing different aspects to enjoy.


Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the 1st official stage of 365 Fashion Show will be held at ‘Seoullo 7017’, which is popular both among tourists and local residents, on the 25th (Wed) at 11.30 a.m. Mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon will also participate in the event starting at 1.00 p.m. and watch the fashion show. The show at Seoullo 7017 stage will be prepared under the theme of ‘Placing youthfulness on fashion!’ and will feature apparel designed by Kim Ji-man that incorporates graffiti, a symbol of freedom and youthfulness.


Busking sessions and live graffiti painting will take place before the show, which will be followed by a ‘photo time’ during which models will pose in front of the graffiti, and ‘Seoullo Parade’ in which the models walk down the passageway toward Seoul Station, providing unique and plentiful attractions. Seoul Metropolitan Government will open a ‘Pop-up Store’ after the show to provide visitors with better access to designer apparel. 


The show in May will be held at Seoul Museum of Art under the theme of art and fashion, featuring the works of Kwang Hyo Jang. In June, ‘Moonlight Festival Fashion Show (June 9th)’ will be held at Banpo Hangang Park, and ‘Road Runway Fashion Show (June 17th)’ will be held at Sejong-Daero Traffic-free Zone under the theme of ‘Culture and Festival.’ A total of 6 fashion shows will be held around Seoul in the first half of the year.

“With Seoul 365 Fashion Show in its 3rd year, the city has prepared unique and sophisticated shows under various themes of ‘Fashion and Citizens,’ ‘Fashion and Culture’ and so on,” commented Kang Tae-woong, the Head of Seoul Economic Planning Headquarters, “and we hope that both tourists and Seoul residents enjoy seeing fashion culture merged with cultural performances on this stage, where millions of Seoul residents spend their daily lives.


The detailed schedule for the first half of the year can be found at Seoul 365 Fashion Show Website  (www.seoul365fashion.kr)’. (Detailed schedule may be subject to change) 


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