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Seoul Metropolitan Government to Open a Forum for Collaboration between Bio Startups and Global Pharmaceutical Companies, for the Development of New Medicine

City to Cooperate with Multinational Health Care Enterprises to Enhance 

Technology Commercialization Opportunities for Bio Startups




An event at which biomedical entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, researchers, businessmen, investors, and health care providers will gather to find ways to cooperate in the development of new medicine will be hosted at Seoul Bio Hub (Hoegi-ro 117-3, Dongdaemun-gu) on December 5th (Tue).


Seoul Metropolitan Government will host ‘Global Innovation Day with Lilly 2017’ with the Korea Health Industry Development Institute and Lilly Korea, a global pharmaceutical firm, to establish a global innovation ecosystem for bio startups, and to seek measures to strengthen industrial-academic-research-hospital cooperation.


The event, which begins at 2:30 p.m. on December 5th (Tue), will feature a number of sessions including  Lilly & External Innovation Overview Introduction to Open Innovation Drug Discovery(OIDD), Utilization Strategies, and Success Stories, and Networking. The sessions will be run by representatives of Eli Lilly.


The presentation on ‘Lilly & External Innovation Overview’ will be delivered by Saba Husain, Director of Alliance Management for Lilly Discovery Chemistry External Innovation, while the ‘Introduction to Open Innovation Drug Discovery’ will be presented by Dr. Maria Alvin-Gaston,the Principal Research Scientist for External Innovation and Lead Generation.


There will also be reception and networking sessions for experts in diverse fields, including representatives from Eli Lilly, through which it is hoped that some intense discussions on Open Innovation can be generated.


“We hope this event will provide a great opportunity for domestic bio enterprises to strengthen their cooperation in the area of new drug development and expand their network with Eli Lilly,” exclaimed Seon-su Kim, Director of the New Growth Industry Division. “We will continue to host various open innovation events to help lead excellent domestic technologies toward commercialization.”


For more information, visit http://www.seoulbiohub.kr/front/user/engmain.do



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