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Seoul Metropolitan Government Awards Foreign Invested Companies that Contributed to the Development of the City through Investment and Job Creation


On November 22nd (Wed) 18:00 at Westin Chosun Hotel Grand Ballroom, Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) hosted ‘Seoul Foreign Business Awards 2017’ to honor foreign-invested companies that have contributed to Seoul’s economic and social development through active FDI, job creation, and inclusive growth, and to attract continuous investment.

More than 100 officials were present at the event, including Mayor Won-soon Park, Chairman Sung-hyun Lee of the Korea Foreign Company Association, the CEOs of a number of foreigninvested companies, and the Chairpersons of the Chamber of Commerce and diplomatic envoys of various countries.


At these second ‘Seoul Foreign Business Awards,’ the Mayor of Seoul honored the foreign invested companies which contributed to Seoul’s economic development in three areas: investment promotion, job creation, and inclusive growth.




First, two winners in the Investment Promotion area were selected from among the pool of the foreign companies operating in Seoul with large amounts of FDI (foreign direct investment). The winners were Konica Minolta Pro Print Solutions Korea (Ltd.S.), which provides composite services, and WeWork Korea, a co-working space provider.

▷ Konica Minolta Pro Print Solutions Korea (Ltd.S.) provides composite services including business solutions and production print systems. The company entered the Korean market by establishing a local corporation in 2016, and is highly appraised for its contribution through FDI and job creation.

▷ WeWork Korea opened its first co-working space in Gangnam in 2016, followed by the opening of three other branches, and has announced plans for two additional branches near Yeoksam station and Gwanghwamun. Through the establishment of three new branches in Seoul in the past year, the company has contributed significantly to Seoul's economy in terms of FDI and job creation.


In the Inclusive Growth area, Dassault Systemes Korea, which underwent active CSR activities to resolve the social inequality and disparity of the citizens of Seoul, and to provide new education opportunities and supportive measures for the socially vulnerable, was selected as the winner and presented with a plaque.

▷ Dassault Systemes Korea is a leading software company from France, and was selected as the ‘Second-most innovative software company’ by Forbes in 2014, and as one of the ‘World’s Most Sustainable Companies’ by Davos Forum in 2016. In cooperation with Innodesign, Dassault established 3D Experience Lab (DXL-LAB), a startup incubating facility, to lead the establishment of Seoul’s startup innovation ecosystem, and also has engaged in various CSR activities through consistent industrial-educational partnership with universities in Seoul, resulting in the commendation from the Mayor of Seoul.


In the Job Creation area, Wilson Parking Korea and SK Encar.com Korea, which created more than 60 new job openings during the last two years, were selected as the winners.

▷ Wilson Parking Korea, the leading company in the outdoor parking management and operation industry, was established in 2005, and provides customized parking management and operation system to the Korean market based on extensive global experience and expertise. The company was selected as the winner based on its creation of 63 new job openings in the last two years.

▷ SK Encar.com was jointly established by SK C&C and Carsales.com, the biggest on-line vehicle sales company in Australia in 2014. Growing to become the biggest vehicle sales platform in the world based on innovative business models, the company’s creation of 61 job openings in the last two years was recognized by the SMG.




Meanwhile, SMG and the foreign Chambers of Commerce in Korea also hosted the signing ceremony of the Seoul Declarationto make Seoul a better city to invest in. The Declaration will be signed by the six Chambers of Commerce in Korea of each country [British Chamber of Commerce in Korea(BCCK) , The China Chamber of Commerce in Korea, European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea(EUCCK), French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry(FKCCI), Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry(KGCCI), and Indian Chamber of Commerce in Korea(ICCK)], on behalf of the businesses originating from each countries, with the Korean Chamber of Commerce attending the ceremony.


The Seoul Declarationincludes articles on the responsible corporate activities and social sharing of foreign invested companies, the creation of high quality jobs and fostering of a talented workforce, investment attraction of foreign investors and mutual cooperation regarding the entry of Korean firms into foreign markets, foreign invested companies’ support for Korean businesses, and mutual cooperation in enhancing residential conditions and the business environment.


“Many global companies are entering the Korean market, while Korean firms are advancing to the global market,with Seoul as their foothold,” exclaimed Mayor Won-soon Park of Seoul Metropolitan Government, adding "we will establish a favorable environment for foreign-invested companies to facilitate economic development not only through investment and business, but also through job creation for the citizens of Seoul.”


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