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City of Seoul's First Investment Attraction Presentation in India

City of Seoul's First Investment Attraction Presentation in India 

Pioneering a Market in the Land of Opportunities



 - City of Seoul uses its Global Networks to Support Start-ups in Entering a ‘Post-China’ Indian Market and Attracting Investment

- Invited about 50 Indian Midsize Businesses and Investment CompaniesAnticipated that Business Agreement Contacts for Investment Attraction

  will be Signed on the Spot

- Meeting held with Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, Overseeing the Indian Smart City Project, and Indian Business Leaders


The City of Seoul will hold its first investment attraction presentation in Delhi, the heart of India, which is receiving attention in the ‘post-China’ era, at Tajimahal New Delhi Hotel on Thursday November 9th, local time. For this investment attraction presentation, the City of Seoul invited about 50 Indian midsize businesses and investment companies. Ten of the most promising start-ups selected from among one hundred start-ups are accompanying Seoul mayor Won-soon Park’s southwest Asia tour, and together are organizing the investment attraction presentation.


The City of Seoul explained that it was hard for start-ups to attract investment and enter overseas markets, and that the investment attraction presentation was a venue through which the city, utilizing its global networks, could help Seoul’s start-ups equipped with state-of-the-art marketable technologies such as internet of things (IoT), environment-friendly cars, artificial intelligence (AI), to enter the Indian market.

Since Prime Minster Narendra Modi took office, India has actively pushed ahead with infrastructure building projects such as ‘Building 100 Smart Cities with IT Infrastructure project,’ the ‘Digital India project’ to attract foreign investment through deregulation, and the ‘Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project,’ increasing opportunities for Korean companies to enter the Indian market. 


The accompanying ten start-ups will introduce themselves through individual presentations, and also have one-on-one meetings (B2B skull sessions) with Indian companies. The City of Seoul explained that there would be enough time for each start-up to have one-on-one meetings with 4 ~ 5 Indian companies.

The ten start-ups were selected from among one hundred start-ups through ‘Seoul City’s Start-up Investment Attraction Capacity Building Project.’ The majority of the selected start-ups are technology companies based on Information and Technology (IT).


Ten start-ups : 

Grip (IoT)                                                        Think Marin (SNS ERP)                                           Medi Sapiens(AI, Big Data)

Mate Corporation (Beauty Media Contents)   Breach(Mobile E-commerce)                                   Taeju Industrial Co. Ltd. (Multi Tab) 

Toy Smith (Smart Toys)       Pyeondoori (Brain Development Solution)      JG Industry (Advertisement)     Edison Motors (Environment-friendly Cars)


Significantly, participating companies may have the opportunity to enter into business agreement contracts on the spot, so the question of how many contracts will be signed is a focus of attention. Participating companies are expected to make business agreement contracts for capital investment, technology exchange, strategic alliances, etc. based on the outcomes of one-on-one meetings and advance information exchanges. 


In his opening speech, Mayor Park emphasized, “Seoul is a city with a more diverse IT industry and start-up pool than any other city in the world, and is ranked top in the United Nations ITC development index by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU),” adding that “the ten Korean start-ups participating are the most promising ones in terms of marketability, technology and management capacity, and I hope this investment attraction presentation will open the door for Seoul’s start-ups to the Indian market, and taking a step further, will boost Korea-India economic exchanges.”


<Mayor Park Has a Meeting with Indian Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs Overseeing the India Smart City Project, and Indian Business Leaders>

Before the investment attraction presentation, Mayor Park, at 12 o’clock (local time) has a meeting with Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs overseeing the ‘100 Smart City Building Project,’ one of the important projects the Indian government has been pushing ahead.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is the government authority supervising rental housing, urban transport, urban regeneration, etc., and directing all the matters relating exchanges between Indian cities and overseas cities.

Mayor Park plans to introduce the best practices of Seoul's policies in the smart city field, and discuss the possibility of Seoul exporting its policies to India, as well as other avenues for cooperation with the Indian government. 


 Indian Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs


   □ Name : Hardeep Singh Puri (age: 65)

     □ Party : Bharatiya Janata Party (ruling party)

     □ Career

           - 1988~1991: Worked in the Brazil, Japan, Sri Lankan, and UK embassies

           - 2011~2013: Worked as head of anti-terrorism Dept. of the UN Security Council

           ※ Aug. of 2011 and Nov. of 2012: Served as chairman of the UN Security Council

      - 2017~Current: Indian Minster of Housing and Urban Affairs





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