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Convergence of Technology and Medical Science Through Startups... Seoul Metropolitan Government Hosts BioMedical Conference

Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has announced that the city will be hosting the ‘2017 Seoul BioMedical International Conference’ on October 27th at Content HR Campus and Seoul Bio Hub, publicly affirming the city’s political will to foster the biomedical industry and establish a cooperative network between bio-clusters.

The more than 300 participants from Korean and overseas will include experts from the biomedical industry, universities, research institutes, and hospitals, officials of Osong, Daegu, and Wonju Bio Clusters, investors, and potential biomedical entrepreneurs. The main theme of the conference is ‘New Convergence of Technology and Medical Science through Startups,’ and the conference will share successful cases of business initiation and commercialization by universities and hospitals, and hold intensive discussions about how to create synergies between Seoul Bio Hub and domestic Bio Clusters.

The conference consists of the following four sessions: Outstanding domestic and international incubation programs; Successful technology business initiation cases of universities; Business initiation and incubation cases of hospitals; and Introduction to Bio Clusters and seeking measures to create synergies with Seoul Bio Hub. The city plans to use the conference as an opportunity to share startup knowledge among players the industry, universities, research institutes, and hospitals.

Madame Anna Huovilla, the Finnish ambassador to Korea, and Partner Galit Bash of Yozma Group of Israel will be giving the keynote speeches at the conference. The speakers will discuss public-private partnerships in the biomedical industry and examples of successful bio clusters in the Finnish biomedical industry, which is experiencing rapid growth, and in Israel, the world's No. 2 patent holder in the biomedicine industry. 

The city will also host ‘Global Bio Exchange,’ which will be joined by representatives from the US, Australian, Swiss, Czech Republic, and UK embassies, as well as officials from the US government, who will introduce promising biomedical technologies from each country, along with an ‘Investment Briefing Session’ so that the conference can promote investment in promising technologies.

“Seoul boasts great accessibility to the major cities of Northeast Asia, and active creative convergence of IT (Information Technology), BT (Bio Technology), and NT (Nano Technology), with its aggregation of universities, hospitals, research institutes, and capital. Through this conference, the city aims to invigorate a ‘Seoul Bio Hub’-centered biomedical startup ecosystem, in order to provide an excellent stepping stone toward enhancing the possibilities of successful R&D, investment attraction, and technology commercialization."


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