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Mayor Won-soon Park to Jointly Deliver ‘Seoul Implementation Agenda’ on Sustainable and Inclusive Growth with 39 Cities

We are committing to give our support to global efforts to build more inclusive, sustainable communities,

namely the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, and the New Urban Agenda.

We will continue to make every effort to ensure that our cities and communities 

are more inclusive and sustainable for current and future generations.

- Seoul Implementation Agenda -

  Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) hosts The Third Meeting of OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth, the first time it has been held in Asia

  Mayor Park to declare Seoul Implementation Agenda, consisting of six commitments to inclusive and sustainable growth

  Mayor to jointly deliver the Agenda with Secretary-General Angel Gurria of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) … Agenda written and agreed upon by all Champion Mayors

  More than 300 people from 39 cities, including the Mayors of Paris and Dallas, to attend the Meeting


Mayor Won-soon Park of Seoul Metropolitan Government (OECD) and Secretary-General Angel Gurria of the Organization for Economic Growth and Development (OECD) will jointly deliver the Seoul Implementation Agenda, which consists of 6 commitments that will enable more inclusive and sustainable cities and societies to be handed down to future generations, at The Third Meeting of OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth, held on October 19th (Thu). 

The 6 commitments of the Seoul Implementation Agenda include: 

① People-centered policy-making throughout the entire process of planning, design, and execution 

② Mutually reinforcing actions in response to climate change and inequality 

③ Securing a level playing field for all enterprises 

④ Promoting smart investments in infrastructure, which will enhance the accessibility of public services and convenience facilities

⑤ An integrated policy approach to the key areas of public services, including transportation, residence, and construction 

⑥ Coordinated local actions by citizens, businesses, and local administrations.

The Agenda also includes bridging strategies to address climate change and inclusive growth, and commitments with the goal of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, which are the main topics of the Meeting of Champion Mayors, and emphasizes people-centered policy making.

    Seoul Implementation Agenda was built on agreements and consultation with the Champion Mayors of cities worldwide, and embodies the political consensus on the need for global efforts for more inclusive and sustainable cities, based on the content of the New York Proposal for Inclusive Growth in Cities, and the Paris Action Plan for Inclusive Growth in Cities.

The Third Meeting of OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth will be hosted on the 19th (Thu) at the Conrad Seoul in Yeouido. More than 300 people from 39 cities worldwide, including Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and Mayor of Dallas Michael S. Rawlings, in addition to leaders of industry and NGOs such as CITYNET, will be participating in the meeting. This is the first time the meeting will be hosted in Asia.

    The Seoul Meeting is the 3rd meeting, following the Inaugural Meeting in New York (16.3.29) and the 2nd Meeting in Paris, France (16.11.21). Inclusive growth refers to the fair distribution of the opportunities and wealth created from economic growth throughout all of society, in contrast to the trickle-down approach.

    In particular, the city plans to propose a more structured action plan in response to inclusive growth and climate change, the issues faced in common by cities worldwide, by concurrently hosting Seoul Mayors Forum on Climate Change 2017.

As the 1st Champion Mayor and the co-founder of the Meeting of the Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth, Mayor Won-soon Park has demonstrated global leadership in the fields of wealth inequality and sustainable economic development. 

    The Champion mayors are the mayors who have been recognized by the OECD for taking a leadership role in reducing inequality. Mayor Park co-founded the Meeting for Inclusive Growth with 42 other mayors of cities worldwide including New York and Paris, to take the initiative in resolving inequality-related issues.

Prior to the announcement of the Seoul Implementation Agenda, Mayor Park will be participating in the Champion Mayors Panel Discussion to discuss climate change response strategies and inclusive growth. 

At the Mayors Roundtable, which will take place at the last session of the meeting, the mayors will share opinions on solutions for inclusive growth and climate change. Mayor Park will share key policy outcomes achieved by Seoul, including economic democratization and the reduce one nuclear powerplant initiative, and his philosophy on civic betterment, at the case presentation with Mayor Anne Hidalgo of Paris.

Also during the Meeting, the OECD will be revealing the OECD Inclusive Growth Platform for the first time, so that the Champion Mayors and other related parties can share information and ideas for inclusive growth. The web-based platform will be operated in two separate sessions, of which one will be left exclusively for youth to reach the Champion Mayors, while the other will allow citizens to search the profiles and programs for inclusive growth of mayors and cities.


In addition, Mayor Park plans to hold individual meetings with the mayors of cities worldwide, including Mayor Anne Hidalgo of Paris, who will be visiting Seoul for the first time, to discuss joint responses to inclusive growth and climate change, and also to consolidate cooperative relations between the cities.


I hope that cities around the world can come together to approach and resolve the issues were facing through this meeting in Seoul, the people-centered economic city, where all live well and fair value of life is realized, and take another step closer to having more inclusive, sustainable cities, exclaimed Mayor Park. Every one of us should take action to respond to climate change and facilitate inclusive growth, as stated in Seoul Implementation Agenda. Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to take the lead in keeping the promises of the Agenda. 


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