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Toward More Inclusive, Sustainable Cities!

Seoul Metropolitan Government is hosting ‘The 3rd Meeting of the Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth (Day 1)’ and ‘The Seoul Mayors Forum on Climate Change 2017 (Day 2)’ from October 19th (Thu) to 20th (Fri) at Conrad Seoul, Yeouido, under the theme ‘Toward More Inclusive, Sustainable Cities.’

With Mayor Won-soon Park acting as the Champion Mayor of OECD and the President of ICLEI, Seoul Metropolitan Government expects the two global events to serve as a forum for discussion among many cities that will enable strategic coalitions to be formed that support inclusive growth and a response to climate change, thus allowing the global expansion of solidarity and cooperation among cities in tackling inequality and climate change.

In particular, the fact that many western cities including Paris (France) and Dallas (U.S.A.), Asian cities including Tokyo (Japan), Tehran (Iran), and Ulaan Bataar (Mongolia), and Korean cities including Suwon and Seongnam are participating in the events will help establish Seoul’s leadership in responding to inclusive growth and climate change.



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