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Seoul Metropolitan Government to Open Artificial Intelligence Center with KAIST in Yangjae R&CD Innovation District



※ Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) to open 'Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub' (2,900 m²) in October ... Recruiting 46 enterprises by Sep. 11th.

※ Hub to be jointly managed by KAIST and Modu Labs, and to provide training and technology linking program in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field

※ Supporting potential entrepreneurs with low-cost space and free access to GPU Cluster Server


'Yanjae R&CD Innovation Hub,' the top-level AI support center in the nation that will build synergies between the experts and enterprises specializing int he core field of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the technologies of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science of Technology), will be opening this October. ​

⊙  AI(Artificial Intelligence) is technology through which human perception, inference, and learning ability are realized in the form of computer technology and utilized to solve problems.


'Yanjae R&CD innovation Hub' provides low-cost entrance to potential entrepreneurs, venture firms, and corporate research institutes in AI technology-intensive industries including medicine, manufactureing, and e-commerce, and other benefits including technology raining, investment/technology linking program, and one-on-one technology mentorship programs. The Hub also helps reduce the economic burden for AI researchers and developers, as it grants free access to GPU Cluster Server, an indispensable yet expensive infrastructure. ​

* GPU Cluster : A system which allows for the parallel processing of mass data, making it an indispensable infrastructure for AI researchers and developers who process vast amounts of data,


KAIST will mobilize their world-leading AI-related human and technological resources to the fullest for the Hub's training and technology programs. Faculty members of KAIST will directly participate int he training to conduct lecture-technoly linked programs. ​The programs are open not only to the occupants, but also to undergraduates and employees of special research institutes in related fields who are interested in AI technology.

SMG established 'Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub' by leasing four floors (1st/5th/6th/8th floor, total floor area 2,900m²) of the Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations Building, which is located in Yanjae R&CD Innovation District. The Hub will begin its operation in October. 

⊙ 'Yangjae R&CD Innovation District' is a part of the City's scheme to establish a 3.80 million m²-wide district in the Yangjae and Woomyeon Area, where corporate research institutes of large-sized companies including Samsung, Hyundai, LG, and KT, and 280 other institutes of small and medium sized enterprises have already been clustered, as the advance base camp for the 4th Industrial Revolution o fSeoul. The city plans to designate the district along with Seocho-gu and Gangnam-gu as Special Economic Zone for Regional Development.

​* Special Economic Zone for Regional Development : A special zone designated for the development of the region, in accordance with the 「Act On Special Cases Concerning The Regulation Of The Special Economic Zones For Specialized Regional Developmen」.

​The Hub will be jointly managed by 'KAIST' with faculties and researchers specializing in AI and 'Modu Labs,' a management agency and operator of voluntary research groups focusing on the fields of 4th Industrial Revolution. SMG selected the KAIST-Modu Labs Consortium as the management institution of 'Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub' last June.

⊙ KAIST plans to focus on fostering professionals using human and technological resources, while Modu Labs plans to focus on managing the open science research community.


In regard to the opening of the Hub, the city is recruiting 46 enterprises who wish to enter the Hub. Eligible enterprises are: 

▴(potential) entrepreneurs; 
▴Venture firms; 
▴corporate research institutes; and, 
▴AI support institutions. 

​The enterprises will mainly be seleted with an emphasis on employment and the creation of economic and social value, including medical, education, platform, e-commerce and finance, livelihood, and manufacturing.

⊙ Enterprises in industries ineligible for Hub membership according to Support for Small and Medium Enterprise Establishment Act, those in financial institution default, or those in arrears of national or local taxes will not be eligibale to apply.


​The office spaces in the Hub are categorized into 'separate type' (for enterprises with more than 5 employees, 16 slots) which is a general office-like composition, and 'open-type' co-working space (for potential entrepreneurs or enterprises with less than 4 employees, 30 slots). The Hub also provides training rooms, conference rooms, a rest area and a reception area for common use.

 ⊙ The services provided to enterprises upon entrance include: 
▴ lowcost office space; 
▴free access to GPU Cluster Server; 
▴AI technology training; 
▴AI seminars and forum; 
▴investment/technology/foreign business linkage programs; and 
▴one-on-one technology mentorship.


​Anyone wishing to apply for admission to the Hub should submit the application and other documents via 'Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub' official mail ( from August 21st (Mon) to September 11th (Mon).

⊙ Refer to the recruitment notice on the official SMG website or the KAIST Innovation Center website (, or contact SMG Economic Policy Division (☎ 02-2133-5218) or KAIST Innovation Center (☎ 042-867-1727) for more details regarding the application


"Seoul Metropolitan Government will concentrate its efforts on supporting Yangjae Innovative District, the future base of urban R&D, by establishing an AI-exclusive Support Institute, to foster professionals and facilitate the birth of a unicorn enterprises which will lead the global AI market," exclaimed Tae-hee Kim, the Director of the Econoic Policy Division of SMG, adding, "Seoul willw ork to create an innovative ecosystem for the AI industry, the core technology of the 4tth Industrial Revolution by working to build synergies not only with the member enterprises in the hub, but also with corporate research institutes in the Yangjae are."​

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