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Announcement of Awarding Citations on 2017 Seoul Foreign Business Awards



The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) cites foreign-invested companies

that have contributed to Seoul’s economy through FDIs or have showed exemplary social contributions.

For this, we request your recommendations for those deserving of these citations.

September 15 , 2017

Mayor of Seoul

1. Areas of citations: investment promotion, job creation, inclusive growth, and sustainable management

2. Number of winners: up to 3 companies in each area

3. Prize type: plaque

4. Candidates for recommendation

A. Qualifications for each area: foreign-invested company

·  (Investment) Those who have made contributions to Seoul’s economic and social development by investing USD 1 million or higher in the city from January 1 2015 to June 30, 2017

·  (Job Creation) Those who have made contributions to the creation of jobs in the city of Seoul from January 1 2015 to June 30, 2017

·  (Inclusive Growth) Those who have made contribution to improving the citizens’ quality of life and relieving social inequality through provision of education opportunities and assistance to economically or socially marginalized group.  

·  (Sustainable Management) Those who have made contribution to Seoul’s environmental improvement and thus helped the city become a sustainable, environmental friendly city through introduction of green technology and energy saving efforts.

Applicable investments: Investments are calculated on the basis of their delivery (or payment) dates and should be verified on the INSC as recorded by the KOTRA and foreign exchange bank presidents (heads of entrusted institutions).

B. The following persons are disqualified for citations:

·  Those who have already received a citation from the mayor for the same achievement

·  Those who have received a citation from the mayor, a minister, or a higher official within the past two years before they are recommended for this event.

The case of winning a contest is excepted.

·  Those who have been subject to criminal penalties (Criminal facts will be checked during an internal review.)

-  Those who are prosecuted for criminal offences and now standing trial

-  Those sentenced to imprisonment without prison labor or heavier in whose case 5 years have not passed from the date the execution of the relevant punishment was completed or exempted

-  Those sentenced to a suspended execution of imprisonment without prison labor or heavier in whose case 3 years have not passed from the expiration of the period of the suspension

-  Those under a suspended sentence of imprisonment without prison labor or heavier

·  Those who are considered disqualified for receiving citations for other reasons, such as immorality or scandalous acts

5. Recommend method

A. Recommenders: Heads of SMG project divisions, heads of related agencies, and other organizations or individuals

-  When a candidate is recommended by individuals, a joint signature by at least 10 people aged 19 or older is needed.

B. Documentation to be submitted (should be submitted in Korean)









Attachment 1



Contribution report


Attachment 2



Contribution summary,


Attachment 3





Attachment 4


The candidate’s seal or signature is


Consent for release of information


Attachment 5



Introduction of candidate


Attachment 6



Copy of proof of the recommendee’s contributions in application area




Copy of each of the recommendee’s
foreign-invested company
registration certificate



issued by the KOTRA / trust bank


Copy of business registration



issued by the National Tax Service


A copy of proof of partnership with Korean companies in production,
technical cooperation (or transfer),
joint advancement into overseas
markets, certificate of best examples
in women’s employment (or balanced employment issued by the Ministry
of Employment & Labor), or proof
of more than 30% of employment
rate for the disabled, proof of
participation in SMG’s past
investment promotion activities



Not mandatory,
submit if applicable



6. Recommendation submission period and method

    A. Period: October 13, 2017 (Friday)

B. Method: Submit to the Investment Promotion Division.

¡  You should send them via email (soylee@seoul.go.kr)  or in person or through postal mail.

C. Where to submit: Investment Promotion Division, SMG

¡  Address: 7F, The Exchange Seoul Building, 21, Mugyo-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 40520 


7. Screening and selection of the candidates

A. The contributions of the candidates will be screened by the division’s internal review and the SMG’s contribution assessment council

-  The recommenders may be requested for additional information or fact confirmation on their recommendation if necessary.


8. Announcement of the winners: The winners will be individually notified (scheduled at end of October).

9. Award date: November 22, 2017 (subject to change)

10. Further information

A. For the contribution report (documentary evidence) to be attached, record contributions made to the city of Seoul within the past five years briefly in the form of a list on A4 paper sheets.

B. All documentary evidence must be submitted in original copies
unless otherwise specified. In case you submit a duplicate, you should show its original at the reception desk for its confirmation.

C. Submitted documents and materials are not returned. For any further information, please contact the SMG Investment Promotion Division (Manager Soyoung Lee, Tel: 82-2-2133-5340). 


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