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Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub Marks First Anniversary by Seeking the Future of ‘Deep-learning AI’ with Scholars of the World




Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub, the anchor facility for the invigoration of the AI industry, the core technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, has marked its first anniversary. Through various supportive programs for training AI specialists, fostering specialized enterprises and assisting initial investment attraction, the hub has established itself as a space for the convergence of AI-based new technologies, enterprises and talents.


As of December 2018, 26 enterprises specializing in AI are headquartered at Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub. They have been cultivating tangible outcomes in core technology development and job creation through active interaction and various support programs.


To celebrate the first anniversary of the R&CD Innovation Hub, Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) hosted the 2nd AI.CON(YJ) (Artificial Intelligence Conference) on December 18 (Tue) under the theme New Topics in Deep Learning AI, inviting Korean and foreign scholars specializing in AI as speakers.


In addition to the conference, an ‘AI Hidden Star Demo Day & Talk’ was held to introduce tenant enterprises of the Innovation Hub with great potential for growth, along with the ‘Open House’ event that allowed anyone to visit the hub for interaction and communication.


“Marking its first anniversary, Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub is a specialized venue for research on artificial intelligence, and has established its position as a facility that fosters innovative global talents in the AI sector,” commented Director of the Industrial Hub Establishment Team Choi Pan-gyu. “SMG will develop the Hub into a base for the 4th Industrial Revolution that is a hub where innovative technologies, enterprises and workers gather and investment is attracted.” added.



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