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Seoul Metropolitan Government to become First Local Administration to Establish a ‘Technology Research Institute’ to Serve as a Hub for Technological Innovation



Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) has founded ‘Seoul Institute of Technology,’ which will serve as a control tower for the technology and science R&D of SMG by conducting research to resolve urban problems and consistently build the city’s research capacity. While SMG has long been working to secure the competitiveness of the city through rapid growth, it has been passive in the area of investment in R&D and had to focus only on supporting industry/academia/research institute cooperation due to the lack of a research organization to provide solutions to issues such as urban structure, preparing for future changes and resolving other problems of the city.

The establishment of the Institute is expected to provide solutions not only to the lack of political continuity from having to entrust research to external research institutes, but also to the difficulties in having to resolve complex urban problems with research from only a single field of expertise, as the Institute will facilitate interrelated and integrated research.


Seoul Institute of Technology will place an emphasis the following themes to discover technologies that best suit the urban characteristics of Seoul, and will conduct practical research to cultivate outcomes which can be applied immediately in the real world: City with a healthy social infrastructure (Expected to enhance the stability of the urban infrastructure through preemptive maintenance of decrepit infrastructure, and to enhance the durability and efficiency of the urban infrastructure by adopting a big data analysis system) City safe from natural disasters (Conducting research on IoT·ICT-based intelligent disaster response and integrated scientific research on the prediction of and response to disasters) City with comfortable livelihood and environment (Performance improvement and safety management of small and weak buildings, and realization of life-friendly technology for performance improvement of buildings), and Cutting-edge convergent city leading the future (To establish a Seoul Smart City Platform to ‘improve quality of life’ for Seoul residents).


Seoul Institute of Research will also establish a ‘Technology Innovation Lab’ to create an environment that will help Seoul become the testbed of Korea’s innovative growth by verifying the innovative technologies of startups and major enterprises and assisting them with commercialization and job creation.


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