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Providing a Blueprint for the Fashion·Sewing Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era



On December 6, Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) hosted the ‘2018 Seoul Sewing Forum’. It was held to seek the ideal direction for the development of the sewing industry and gather the opinions of practitioners amidst rapid changes in fashion trends and the advancement of sewing technology. With the topic ‘Future Strategies of the Fashion and Sewing Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era,’ the Sewing Forum provided a venue for addressing the latest technologies in the sewing industry such as 3D patterns or automation - and discussing response strategies for building the competency of the sewing industry.


Three topics of presentations were given at the forum; Introduction of Latest Sewing Technologies and Development Directions of the Sewing Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era, Examples of Creating High Value in the Sewing Industry through Differentiation Strategies, and Effective Market Opening Plans to Adapt to the Recent Changes in the Distribution Industry.


As well, 170 buyers from domestic fashion brands and online brands participated in the Trade Consultation Session at this forum to support market-building efforts for sewing businesses in Seoul, alongside various experiential programs that gave the public lots of opportunities to enjoy sewing.


Cho In-dong, chief of the Economic Planning Headquarters in SMG, said, “The forum served as a great opportunity to invigorate the sewing industry, which led Seoul’s industrialization throughout the 70s and 80s, and to carefully think about future directions for the industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution era.” 



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