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Seoul Metropolitan Government Provides Vision for the ‘Smart Innovation’ of Magok



Global-Smart Innovation, the first international conference to be held since the establishment of Magok Industrial Complex Management Office, took place on December 7 (Fri). With the slogan ‘Magok, a Space Beyond Technology, Rising as the Global R&D Center, the conference was hosted to discover future directions for R&D convergence of Magok Industrial Complex, providing R&D experts with a venue in which to gather, share opinions and communicate actively.


This is the first international conference held since the companies started to move in the complex in earnest. It served as an excellent opportunity to collect the diverse opinions of experienced Korean and overseas experts on the smart innovation of Magok Industrial Complex, and is expected to greatly contribute to strengthening cooperation and communication between the occupants. A special lecture that looked at other innovation zones in metropolitan areas and introduced Magok Smart City was given at the event, followed by session presentations from four experts on the topic of R&D convergence and Industry 4.0 convergence innovation, and a panel discussion.


As well, a Tech Concert with future technology experts on ‘the Impact of Future Technology on My Livelihood and My City’ for researchers in the complex and the general public took place from December 10-11 (Monday to Tuesday).


“Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) hopes that the 2018 Seoul Magok International Conference has provided occupants of the complex with a venue for communication, and served as a good opportunity for the companies to pursue smart innovation for the R&D convergence of Magok Industrial Complex and discover new values and opportunities,” said Jeong Su-yong, chief of the Regional Development Headquarters in SMG.


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