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Health Care·AI·Environment Startups from Seoul Attract Chinese Investors; 4 MOUs Concluded



At ‘Seoul-China Investment Week’ hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) in Beijing on November 28th (Wed), Chinese investors were attracted by technologies; Therapeutic prosthetics and oral sensor for sleep apnea·poliphydontia·snoring (Curaum Inc.) AI-based service robot (Roborus) Soil and underground water pollutant purification technology (Jiu Corporation) were presented by promising SMEs and startups in Seoul. This event resulted in four MOUs between three SMEs from Seoul and Chinese investors on entry into the Chinese Market and investment.


Selected by SMG, the 20 companies from Seoul that participated in the event are small and mid-sized companies in 4th Industrial Revolution-related industries, including IoT (6 enterprises), Bio health care (5 enterprises), energy (2 enterprises) and advanced materials and high tech (7 enterprises). SMG provided the enterprises with 1:1 customized consultation for 4 weeks to analyze their core competencies and current market conditions. Based on this analysis, the companies went through capacity building sessions on investment attraction and IR material preparation to help them achieve the best outcome at the investment meeting. SMG also provided a full range of support for the enterprises’ entry into the Chinese market and investment attraction by allocating interpreters at each booth.


A total of 109 investment meetings took place at the event, which is more than five meetings per enterprise on average. It was reported that discussions not only on investment but also on the establishment of joint ventures took place at over 20 meetings. GI Innovation, a biomedicine developer, received joint venture offers from four Chinese enterprises, and Pluxity, IDVE, and HICS Company also received ample attention from Chinese investors.





Curaum’, a developer of a therapeutic oral sensor and prosthetics for chronic snoring and polyphydontia received great attention from Chinese enterprises throughout the two hours of consultation, and concluded an MOU on the business localization with Beijing Huayishengya Limited (北京华益圣亚), and another MOU on investment with Beijing Guoyumao (北京国裕茂), a Chinese dental device distributor.




Amid the increasing concerns over environmental issues, ‘Jiu Corporation’, a hi-tech enterprise with soil and underground water purification technologies concluded an MOU on the business localization with Yujingtian Guoji Shuihanjing (佑景天国际水环境).




As well, ‘Roborus’, a developer of intelligent concierge and customized information·service provider AI robots, signed an MOU on cooperation in the business localization and investment attraction with Hongxing Keji Limited (宏兴科技有限公司).



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