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Seoul Metropolitan Government launches the ‘Seoul Innovative Growth Committee,’ directly responsible to the mayor, to enlarge the growth potential of Seoul’s economy




The Seoul Innovative Growth Committee has been launched to establish, coordinate and consult on the SMG’s main policies for the promotion of innovative future technologies. The committee was established under the Ordinance for the Promotion of Innovative Future Technologies proclaimed in January of this year for the purpose of receiving assistance from related experts in the establishment and coordination of the policies and plans for the Seoul’s economic growth in the rapidly changing era of the 4th industrial revolution.


Members of the Committee include 4 ex-officio members (Mayor, Chief of Economic Planning Headquarters, Representative Director of Seoul Business Agency and Chairperson of Seoul Digital Foundation), experts in the area of innovative technologies related to the 4th industrial revolution, business founders of IT companies, and people who have developed venture companies successfully with innovative technology, professionalism and field experience.


The Seoul Innovative Growth Committee will establish and coordinate on major policies and plans for the promotion of innovative future technologies; innovate science and technology and train manpower; facilitate the development of innovative future technologies; support R&D for the technologies; and plan, evaluate, consult and examine the public demonstration projects of innovative future technologies.


SMG plans to frequently have small meetings and gatherings to share the information and human network of innovative technologies, in order to openly collect ideas and lay the foundation for suggestion and review of creative ideas without administrative barriers.


Mayor Park Won-soon said, The Seoul Innovative Growth Committee is the first step in the public-private governance that can make Seoul a test bed for innovative growth and generate new growth engines for the future. We will use the committee as the center of an innovative landscape for the sprouting of creative ideas and technologies.



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