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Seoul Metropolitan Government becomes the first Asian city to be elected chair city of Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI)




Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has been elected as the next chair city of Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI), the largest international network of cities on urban lighting. LUCI brings together over 70 member towns and cities worldwide as well as over 40 associated members from the lightening industry, design agencies, and research institutes. This is the first time an Asian or even a non-European city has been elected to this position which is in charge of ieading development of policy and technology for urban lighting throughout the world for the next two years (2018-2020).


LUCI is a global partnership which was established in Lyon, France, in 2002 to support exchange and development of lighting policy and technologies among the world's cities. Since its establishment, European cities such as Lyon (France), Glasgow (UK), and Ghent (Belgium) have served as the chair city. Now the center of the operation of LUCI has moved from Europe to Asia, opening the ‘Seoul Era of LUCI’ in earnest.


SMG joined LUCI in 2007 and has actively participated as an executive member city from 2012 to 2018. Previously, it was the first Asian city to serve as an executive vice chair cityfor the past two years. Also, Seoul attracted the first Asian regional office of LUCI last year and has held two Asia Urban Lighting Workshops, working briskly to support the activities of the organization.

SMG has set the core vision of LUCI as ‘Urban lighting to improve quality of life and promote the sustainable development of the city,’ and suggested the three action plans of reinforcing the knowledge platform of LUCI, facilitating exchanges among member cities, and laying the foundation for sustainable growth.


In addition, SMG, as the next chair city, plans to promote the city brand by publicizing Seoul's leading policies in the area of urban lighting, such as Smart Urban Lighting, and enhancing Seoul's international profile by leading the development of related policies and the overseas marketing of the Korean lighting industry.  







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