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SMG signs MOU with Boeing for the establishment of a high-tech aerospace technology center



On September 11, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon met with Marc Allen, president of Boeing International, Ted Colbert, CIO of Boeing, and Eric John, president of Boeing Korea, to discuss potential areas of cooperation in the aerospace industry, and signed an MOU for the establishment of Boeing Korea Engineering and Technology Center (BKETC).


According to the MOU, Boeing will actively consider the establishment of BKETC in Seoul, and Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide as much administrative support as is permitted under the related laws. The two parties will exchange data and information about the establishment of the technology center, investment, employment, and business opportunities.


Boeing said that BKETC will be mainly used for research on the application of 4th industrial revolution technologies such as AI-based autonomous flight, bigdata, smart cabin and smart factory to Boeing’s next-generation high-tech aerospace area, and that they plan to establish BKETC by the end of this year.


If BKETC is established in Seoul, it is expected that it will create high-quality jobs in Seoul related to the 4th industrial revolution, in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, and aerospace industry; improve the environment for high-tech aerospace industry; and enhance Seoul's status as a hub for global R&D.


As Cho In-dong, chief of Economic Planning Headquarters with Seoul Metropolitan Government, put it: “We expect that the Boeing Korea Engineering and Technology Center will create good jobs in Seoul in the high-tech aerospace industry, and contribute to improving the environment for aerospace industries.” Meanwhile, Eric John, president of Boeing Korea, said, “It is an honor to have the opportunity to create high-tech engineering jobs in Seoul that will train the next generation of talent through establishing this new technology center. I hope we will continue our strong partnership with Seoul Metropolitan Government in the aerospace industry through the signing of this MOU.” 



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