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Seoul Metropolitan Government signs ‘Friendship City Agreement’ with Zurich, Switzerland, a Blockchain power



On October 3 in the government building of the city of Zurich, together with governor Thomas Heiniger, Mayor Park Won-soon signed ‘Friendship City Agreement between Seoul and Zurich.’ Zurich is the primary economic center of Switzerland, which is transforming itself from a strong financial base to a powerful center of the blockchain.


With the conclusion of this agreement, the two cities will begin cooperation in the areas of e-government, innovation of scientific technology, culture, and tourism. Before signing the agreement, Mayor Park Won-soon met with Corine Mauch, the first woman to be elected mayor of Zurich, and exchanged mutual opinions on various city policies including urban regeneration, promotion of start-up companies and the smart city policy.


In particular, mayor Corine Mauch requested the cooperation of Seoul Metropolitan Government for the successful preparation of the ‘Zurich Meets Seoul (tentative name)’ event, which is scheduled to be held in Seoul in September 2019 and jointly hosted by the two cities, and Mayor Park promised to provide unsparing support.


Mayor Park Won-soon announced the first master plan for blockchain in Seoul and visited ‘Trust Square,’ a blockchain center located in Zurich, to hear policy ideas with the goal of promoting an environment in Seoul that encourages the foundation of blockchain businesses.


Mayor Park said, “We will be able to begin exchange programs and cooperate with Zurich, a blockchain stronghold, by signing the Friendship City Agreement between Seoul Metropolitan Government and the City of Zurich. As Seoul is making efforts to become the leading city in the blockchain, I will expand our policy cooperation with Zurich.”



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