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Seoul Metropolitan Government to hold ‘2018 Seoul International Digital Festival’



The ‘2018 Seoul International Digital Festival (SIDiF)’ will be held from October 27 to October 31 in Gaepo Digital Innovation Park, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, in Seoul. This year marks the third anniversary of the festival, which aims to review urban problems identified by citizens and share domestic and overseas cases of digital innovation.


Under this year’s slogan of ‘We Digitalize SEOUL,’ various programs will be offered with the participation of citizens: ‘Seoul Maker 2018’ for young innovators, the ‘Global Smart Seoul Conference (innovation and challenge of city),’ ‘Tech X City’ for digital technology experience, and the ‘Youth Business Foundation Contest,’ which is supported by Seoul Metropolitan Government and the UN and aims to find solutions to urban problems including transportation and the environment.


The ‘2018 Global Smart Seoul Conference’ is to be held on Oct. 30 and will focus on the efforts made and failures of the principle agents of innovation (the government, the private sector, and citizens) in the digital innovation ecosystem to share the process of urban innovation and difficulties in reality. The major speakers are Peter Hirschberg, who is the co-representative of Maker City, and Cordell Carter, the executive director of The Aspen Institute.


The ‘Global Digital Innovation Consultative Group’ will be launched on the day of the conference with the participation of institutes for urban innovation from the US, Malaysia, and Europe. This consultative group will be a hub for the establishment and reinforcement of the network system for urban innovation. Members of the consultative group will include innovation institutes and related organizations in many countries, and more than 10 institutes for urban innovation including Urban Tech Hub NYC in the US, Cyber View in Malaysia and Europe Smart City Network (OASC) will participate in the inauguration ceremony.


On October 31, the ‘Global Business Foundation Contest’ will be held to find solutions to urban problems in Seoul and support the achievement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 30 domestic and overseas start-up companies in the final round will introduce innovative ideas to address urban problems, including the need for green energy, city mobility, and social security.


As Lee Chi-hyeong, Director of Seoul Digital Center, explains, “The festival will provide a venue to discuss the plan to develop Seoul as a smart city while providing enjoyment to visitors around the 'digital' theme. I hope that the festival can increase the interest and participation of citizens, which is the core impetus for urban innovation.”


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