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Seoul Metropolitan Government signs friendship and cooperation city agreement with the State of Delhi in India



On September 14, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon met with Arvind Kejriwal, Prime Minister of the State of Delhi in India, and signed an agreement to promote a relationship of friendship and cooperation. Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited Korea to participate in an international conference for urban regeneration being held in Seoul.


In the agreement, the two cities pledged to cooperate through policy sharing, personnel exchange, project execution, etc. in a range of areas including the environment, transportation, and smart city. With the conclusion of the agreement, Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has agreed to share urban policies with the State of Delhi and dispatch civil servants for education.


The delegation from India, which was composed of eight members including state Prime Minister Kejriwal, visited Korea for four days from September 12 to 15 to participate in the 2018 International Conference for Urban Regeneration, sign the friendship city agreement, and had a tour of sites that showcased Seoul's policy achievements, including a resource recovery facility and public rental houses. Prime Minister Kejriwal delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the international conference for urban regeneration on September 13 under the theme ‘Urban regeneration and international cooperation to make a humanistic city.’ On September 14, the delegation visited Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation(SH) and the resource recovery facility in Gangnam and was briefed on SMG's policies related to public housing and resource recovery.


Mayor Park Won-soon said, “India is an important nation that is growing rapidly, leading the IT industry on the strength of its human resources. We will expand our substantive exchange and cooperation programs with India based on the friendship city agreement with Delhi State that we have signed today.” 




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