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Seoul Metropolitan Government holds ‘Sharing Festival’ with more than 30 companies that are leading the sharing economy


‘Sharing’ has become a key concept in our daily lives, as we borrow things and spaces rather than possessing them, and share the knowledge and talent of each person. The concept of a ‘shared office,’ in which people divide an office into several small spaces and work together, is no longer strange to us.  


Keeping pace with this new trend, Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) held ‘2018 Sharing Seoul Festival’ from Sep. 7 to Sep. 9 at Mapo Culture Storage to give citizens the opportunity to personally experience the new "sharing" culture through a range of programs and events provided by the companies and organizations that are leading the sharing economy in Korea.  


With the theme “Daily life becomes a festival through sharing,” the ‘2018 Sharing Seoul Festival’ consisted of three main areas: programs for experiencing sharing, performances & exhibitions, and a forum & lectures. The programs for experiencing sharing included the ‘Sharing Policy Zone’ which introduced the policy of SMG for sharing; the ‘Sharing Companies Zone’ where people could experience various services provided by sharing companies; the ‘Mobility Zone’ which was a space for transportation-related companies such as bicycle, electric kickboard, car sharing and parking lots; and the ‘Activity Zone’ where various activity programs including a basketball contest and free throw contest were held.  

In addition, forums and relay lectures were held for three days and featured presentations on the sharing economy by representatives of companies in different areas, including WeWork Korea (office sharing), Airbnb (lodging sharing), Green Car (car sharing) and Modu Company (parking lot sharing).  


The ‘2018 Sharing Seoul Festival’ is the current incarnation of the ‘Sharing Seoul Fair,’ which had been held annually since 2013 by SMG. The festival was changed into the bigger ‘Sharing Seoul Festival’ in 2016, which includes a fair plus conferences. The spokesperson for the city said the ‘Sharing Seoul Festival’ is being planned to be held as a biennale focused on the sharing economy. 




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