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Asia’s 32 cities gather in Seoul to find a solution to fine dust


Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) recently held ‘2018 International Forum for Air Quality Improvement in Northeast Asia.’ This forum, the largest ever on the Northeast Asia air quality issue, was held in the Multipurpose Hall on the 8th floor of the new building of SMG for two days starting on September 4, and aimed to find ways to improve air quality with the participation of delegations from major cities in East Asia. 


A total of 25 cities from 8 countries, including 18 cities in the 4 Northeast Asian nations including Beijing, Tokyo and Ulan Bator as well as 7 cities in Southeast Asia, joined the forum, which was participated in by 300 people including the representatives of each city and experts in an atmospheric environment. From Korea, SMG, Incheon Metropolitan City, Suwon City, Gyeonggi Province, and Chungcheongnam Province joined the forum to discuss ways to improve air quality in the capital area. 


Beginning with the keynote speech by Kim Nok-ho, supervisor of the center for environment and health in the Western Pacific Branch of the WHO, on “Air pollution: the biggest threat to citizens’ health” and Moon Kil-joo, president of the University of Science & Technology (UST) on “The present and the future of the megacity,” the forum proceeded with discussions on ways to control transportation in order to improve air quality; how to reduce fine dust emissions in residential areas; ways to promote cooperation among cities for improvement of air quality; how to encourage citizens to participate in improving air quality; and how to conduct monitoring for improvement of air quality. 


The ‘International Forum for Air Quality Improvement in Northeast Asia’ marks its 8th anniversary this year, as it was first held in Seoul in 2010. The number of participating cities has increased year after year. This year, 18 cities in the 4 nations in Northeast Asia joined the forum. As well, the cities and provinces in and near the capital area in Korea such as Incheon Metropolitan City and Gyeonggi Province attended the forum this year following the ‘Meeting of mayors and governors of wide-area autonomous communities in the capital area,’ which was held with the participation of the Minister of Environment, to prepare countermeasures to fine dust. The forum was the first meeting among them that aimed to seek practical approaches to cooperation. 


The spokesperson for SMG said that the forum became a venue for sharing policies to reduce air pollution among the cities in Northeast Asia, and also enabled Korea to share its fine dust management expertise with cities in Southeast Asia that have been suffering from fine dust, such as Hanoi in Vietnam, where many large-scale construction projects are underway. 

In addition, ways to encourage the participation of citizens, which is key to the implementation of policies, will be able to be derived through the participation of civic groups in the forum. 




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