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Seoul Metropolitan Government Holds ‘Seoul Friendship Festival 2018’



Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) held ‘Seoul Friendship Festival 2018’ from September 1 to September 2 in downtown Seoul in Seoul Plaza (Mugyo-dong, Cheonggyecheon-ro) to showcase the culture of Seoul's sister cities and other countries around the world.


The ‘Seoul Friendship Festival (formerly Global Village Sharing Festival) was first held in October 1996 to mark ‘Seoul Citizens’ Day’. Since then, the festival has hosted cultural performances, food and more from other major world cities, and led cultural exchanges between Seoul and cities around the world with long history and tradition. Significantly, the name of the festival was changed from Global Village Sharing Festival’ to Seoul Friendship Festival’ in order to make it easier for people to understand the purpose of the festival, which is to promote cultural exchanges between Seoul and other world cities.


 This year, 15 sister cities of Seoul and 70 foreign embassies in Seoul participated in the event, which included cultural performances from 15 overseas sister cities, a food exhibition featuring 57 nations, a tourist PR exhibition including 53 nations and a world marriage culture festival. In addition, 11 international organizations and international NGOs including the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Greenpeace and Save the Children publicized their international relief activity and operated various programs visitors could take part in.


 Mayor Park Won-soon said, “Seoul Friendship Festival 2018 is a representative Seoul festival that is participated in by traditional performance groups from 15 sister cities and 70 foreign countries. I will keep making efforts to solve global urban problems in cooperation with the major cities of the world, and make Seoul the capital of peace in East Asia.” 




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