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Seoul Metropolitan Government Holds ‘Asia Cities Culture Forum 2018’



Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture held the ‘Asia Cities Culture Forum (ACCF) 2018’ from September 5 to September 7, which was joined by culture policy makers and administrators from major cities in Asia including Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo and Taipei.


 ACCF was first held in Seoul in 2017, under the theme ‘Vitality of the city promoted with culture in life’ to form a network to support the exchange of ‘cultural policies’ in Asia in order to find sustainable policy alternatives by sharing best practices.


 The theme of ‘ACCF 2018’ is “Clustering the Culture: What will the magnet be?” Many urban planners and culture policy makers from Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, etc. gathered to tour Seoul's cultural clusters, establish networking and participate in open seminars to have in-depth discussions on the conditions and policies that are needed for sustainable cultural development.


 The open policy seminar was held on September 6 in Baesan, Seongsu-dong, in two sessions with the themes of ‘the phenomenon and conditions of culture clustering in urban space’ and ‘policies necessary for making places with culture clustering.’ The seminar was open to the public and broadcast live to the world through the website and official Facebook page of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, as well as its YouTube channel.


Seo Jeong-hyeop, Director of Culture Headquarters of SMG and acting president of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, said, “This forum gave us an opportunity to discuss and share best practices used by Asian cities to make urban spaces attractive while retaining a unique identity under various cultural conditions.”  


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