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Seoul Metropolitan Government expanding environment-friendly ‘Nanum Car’



A new on-street reservation location for ‘Nanum Car’ has been added in Seoul to allow for easier access. Located in Jongno 1-ga (near the entrance of NH Bank), the new site entered into service on August 22 with two hybrid cars.


‘Nanum’ is a Korean word meaning sharing, and ‘Nanum Car’ is a car sharing service offered to enable members of the public to be able to conveniently share cars, anytime and anywhere. Currently, Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is offering the service in cooperation with the two service providers of Green Car and SOCAR, at 1,358 locations in Seoul. The service began in February 2013, and an average of 6,072 people use the service daily.

The service used to be operated only at annexed parking lots in buildings or off-street parking lots, but since last December SMG has been securing spaces on the street and is increasing the number of ‘on-street rental locations’ to improve access to Nanum Car service.


SMG will gradually increase the ratio of purchase of electric cars by making it mandatory for the service providers of Nanum Car to purchase a certain percentage of electric cars when new cars are purchased or old cars are replaced. In the long run, SMG plans to convert the entire Nanum Car fleet to electric cars.


Ko Hong-seok, Director of City Transportation Headquarters in SMG, says, “Nanum Car in Seoul is contributing greatly to the spread of a sharing rather than an ownership culture, and also to the promotion of the use of environment-friendly cars. We will expand the environment-friendly Nanum Car service through easily accessible on-street reservation places so that citizens can become more familiar with environment-friendly cars and use them without any inconvenience.”


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