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Seoul Metropolitan Government introduces Korea’s first ‘AI Detective' to crack down on crimes related to the public welfare



Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has decided to introduce an ‘AI Detective’ equipped with artificial intelligence technology, the first of its kind in Korea, with a plan to apply it to five areas including illegal loan businesses, pyramid schemes, illegal real estate transactions and trademark infringement by the end of this year, and to expand the areas of investigation in which it is used gradually from next year.


Suspicious text and images uploaded in online spaces such as SNS and blog will be collected and saved in real time using big data technology, and the artificial intelligence will learn how to identify illegal postings through a process of patterns recognition. SMG has the goal of increasing its accuracy of identifying illegal contents to over 90%.


Through the order for the technology service placed recently, SMG plans to develop an algorithm that can identify various patterns in illegal web content which employ various techniques to make them resistant to searches; i.e., by breaking up Korean characters or using symbols, jargon, etc. In addition, image analysis technology will be introduced, as illegal advertisement content is increasingly being inserted into images instead of texts in order to avoid detection.


Recently, SMG has achieved an 82% accuracy rate in identifying illegal pyramid selling and door-to-door selling through a pilot project to test an AI algorithm developed for application to the investigation area. The pilot project was carried out through the development of an algorithm with a ‘machine learning’ technique that is used for the prediction of the future value of unknown data on the basis of the results of learning the characteristics and patterns of data. In particular, a ‘supervised learning’ technique has been used so that the machine can learn the expertise of veteran investigators, considering the distinct characteristics of a criminal investigation.


Kim Tae-gyun, Director General for Information Planning, in SMG, says, “This is the first case in which artificial intelligence was used in an investigation for the purpose of achieving the specific goal of protecting citizens from crimes against the public welfare. We will do our best to use the technology of the 4th industrial revolution and lead a smart city administration service in order to protect citizens from criminal activity online.”


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