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Seoul Metropolitan Government has established a new distribution platform for the 4th Industrial Revolution in Yongsan Y-Valley by holding a ‘2018 Robot Festival’



From August 17 to August 26, Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is holding a ‘2018 Robot Festival’ on the 4th floor of the New ET Land Building at Yongsan Electronics Market jointly with ET Land and the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement as part of a public-private cooperation project. The project’s goal is to rejuvenate and transform the stagnant Yongsan Electronics Market into a space for the composite cultural exchange between new industries based on the electronics industry, through the Urban Restoration of Yongsan Y-Valley, the ‘Digital Maker City’.


Before the opening ceremony held on August 17, SMG, Yongsan-gu Office, the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement, and ET Land earnestly signed the ‘MOU for urban restoration and activation of Yongsan Electronics Market by establishing a new distribution platform for Yongsan Y-Valley robots’ to develop Yongsan Electronics Market into the center of the Korean robot industry. 

To facilitate the execution of the MOU that aims to transform Yongsan Electronics Market into a major center of Seoul and furthermore into the center of Korean robot industry, the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement will cooperate with policy development and formation of the industrial environment to encourage participation of robot-related companies. ET Land will also provide test beds for service robots, etc. and establish robot platforms for the creation of a new robot industry. Furthermore, Seoul Metropolitan Government will offer policy and administrative supports in relation to the industrial restoration of Yongsan Y-Valley. ET Land also took the initiative as the owner of the facilities by signing a win-win agreement with the representative of the tenants, Seoul Metropolitan Government and Yongsan-gu Office, to prevent gentrification, giving hope to more than 420 shop owners operating in ET Land and announcing a new stable start of Yongsan Electronics Market through full-scale urban restoration.


Beginning with these meaningful signing ceremonies, the Robot Festival provided a special lecture by Song Se-kyeong, CEO of Future Robot Co., Ltd., on the history of the robot industry in Korea. A talk concert was also hosted with ‘Ddotty’, a YouTube creator and influencer; and various other programs that combined education and experience such as robot and coding education, drones, 3D-printers, AR/VR, and e-sports. Also, visitors were able to speak to and experience the IoT home service robot and Pibo, another intelligent robot that was produced by Circulus. 

The Robot Festival will now be held annually as a specialized brand (specialized festival) of Yongsan Y-Valley. SMG expects that the Robot Festival will play a big role in positioning Yongsan Electronics Market as an ‘innovative platform where people can see and experience new creations, and imagination comes to life’. 



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