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2018 Seoul International Imagination Industry Forum



The “2018 Seoul International Imagination Industry Forum” will be held on August 24 and 25 in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) to discuss the latest trends in the contents industry an industry with its basis on ‘imagination’ - including cartoons, animation, games and virtual reality. Participants will include distinguished guests from Korea and abroad, experts in the "imagination industries", students and the general public.


At the forum, Francisco Vico, a professor in the area of artificial intelligence at Malaga University, Spain, who produced Iamus, an AI composition program, will deliver a lecture titled, ‘Can machines be creative?’; Professor Ji-hoon Jeong, a futurologist, will tell various interesting and informative stories about artificial intelligence; and David Karlak, VI Director at Ridley Scott Studio, and other speakers will talk about stories involving AI and humans. Also, various talk shows including ‘Deep Insight’ produced by KBS, ‘Invited Speaker’ produced by EBS and ‘Knowledge Donation Concert’ produced by KBS will be held. 


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