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The Expo to present the future energy of ‘Solar City of Seoul’



The Seoul Metropolitan City (SMG) invites companies in the solar energy sector to participate in the ‘2018 Seoul Solar Energy Expo (www.seoulsolarexpo.org),’ which will be held at Seoul Plaza for three days starting on August 23. The expo marks the true kick-off of the ‘2022 Solar City Seoul’ project, and encourages Seoul residents to take an interest in solar energy, an emerging new future growth engine for the city of Seoul.


Marking its fourth anniversary this year, the Seoul Solar Energy Expo is a popular event among participating companies, as they are given the platform to directly promote their new technologies and products in the solar generation sector to many people. This year’s Expo expects to draw much attention to the solar generation industry thanks to various industrialization support programs, and the fact that an international conference on urban type solar generation will be held simultaneously.

In the industrial area, the Seoul Business Agency (SBA), an agency dedicated to supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises in Seoul, will provide a stage for the introduction of solar energy products developed by startup companies. Products that receive good evaluations from experts and the public will be awarded. Furthermore, a ‘Cross-coaching’ program, in which solar energy companies visit each other’s booths for product explanations and mentoring, will offer practical help to address the problems of actual industrial sites. During the Expo, Seoul Energy Corporation will hold the ‘2018 Seoul Solar Energy International Conference' for discussions by distinguished scholars from Korea and abroad, on the prospects and policies related to urbantype solar energy industries; this event will be open to the public.


In addition, the ‘Design Contest for Solar Energy in Autonomous Districts of Seoul’ and various other experience programs for attendees will be held to improve public understanding of and interest in solar energy.

The ‘Design Contest for Solar Energy in Autonomous Districts of Seoul’ will gather the photos of solar energy facilities installed in the 25 autonomous districts of Seoul in one place and select the best cases based on an evaluation by experts and the public of their design and harmony with the nearby landscape. Also, various experience programs will be offered to capture the imagination of the public, including a workshop to produce a solar energy car, lantern, and playground.


There is no fee (space rental fee) for companies wishing to participate in the Solar Energy Expo. Interested companies can view more details on the Seoul Solar Energy Expo website (www.seoulsolarexpo.org).


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