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Seoul Metropolitan Government Signs ‘Joint Tourism Marketing MOU’ with the City of Los Angeles, USA



On July 26th (Thu), Mayor of Seoul Won-soon Park attended a meeting with Mayor of Los Angeles (USA) Eric Garcetti, who was on a visit to Korea to promote exchanges with Asia, to sign a ‘Joint Tourism Marketing MOU’ between Seoul and LA and establish a special partnership between the cities by discussing several promotion plans in various fields including tourism, climate change response and gender equity.


Under the Joint Tourism Marketing MOU that was signed on the same day, the two cities have agreed to expand and strengthen their exchanges and cooperation in fields that provide practical assistance to citizens, including invigoration of the tourism industry, response to climate change, and expansion of a culture of gender equity.


< Contents of MOU >

1. Invigoration of the Tourism Industry: The two cities agreed to share best practices and information on promotion to foreign tourists, to enhance the quality of tour products and services.

2. Response to Climate Change: The two cities agreed to strengthen cooperation in response to climate change and the need for greater environmental protection, by exchanging information and technologies on environmental policies such as propagation of new and renewable energy, and automobile exhaust reduction for better air quality.

3. Gender Equity: The two cities agreed to share policies and experiences to establish a work environment that supports gender equality and a better work-life balance, and continue to promote cooperation in joint global actions, such as World Women’s Day campaigns.


This was the 3rd meeting between Mayors Park and Garcetti, after their initial LA meeting in September 2014, which was followed by a second meeting in November of the same year in Seoul. The two cities entered into their first MOU in 2006.

“Since being named an honorary citizen of Seoul in 2014, Mayor Garcetti has taken a profound interest in Seoul and provided great support for its development and the exchange between the two cities,” exclaimed Mayor Park, who added “Seoul Metropolitan Government wants to strengthen the friendship and trust between Seoul and LA to establish a partnership that can provide practical benefits to Seoul residents.”



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