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Seoul Metropolitan Government Hosts the 2nd AI Innovation Forum, ‘AI-for.Blockchain’



What will the convergence of AI and Blockchain look like?

Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) hosted the 2nd AI Innovation Forum, which focused on the convergence of AI and Blockchain, two of the core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, on July 20th (Fri) at Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub, a professional AI business incubation center.

‘AI-for.’ is the AI Innovation Forum provided by the Innovation Hub, in which the themes for each forum have been proceeding in alphabetical order. Following the 1st Forum, ‘AI-for.Artist,’ ‘AI-for.Blockchain’ was held to provide an ongoing forum in which not only employees and experts with AI-related enterprises but also anyone interested can participate, in order to raise interest in AI.


‘AI-for.Blockchain’ was provided in two sessions. The first session, titled ‘Blockchain Goes to Seoul,’ included speeches from the Head of the Blockchain Laboratory at Finotek Deokyoon Koh, CEO of Glosfer Taewon Kim, and CTO of Cointoss Jeonghwan Kim, while during Session 2 titled ‘Blockchain in Seoul Meets AI,’ speeches were given by KAIST Prof. Min Hwa Lee, Chung-Ang University Prof. Joongheon Kim, and CEO of TrustVerse Kiook Jeoung.


“The forum was a great opportunity for stakeholders and others in the industry to get an overview of the changes and directions of development that will result from the convergence of AI and Blockchain, the two core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution,” exclaimed Kyungtak Kim, the Director of Economic Policy Division of Seoul Metropolitan Government, who added “Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to provide opportunities like this AI Innovation Forum for technology, industry and human resources to interact with each other and develop together.”


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