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Seoul Metropolitan Government Hosts ‘2018 Foreigner Job Fair’


Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced that it will be hosting the ‘2018 Foreigner Job Fair’ on September 21st as a way of introducing foreigners to employment opportunities in Korea, while giving domestic enterprises the opportunity to hire a talented global workforce.


This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Foreigner Job Fair, hosted by the Foreigner and Multiculturalism Officer of Seoul Metropolitan Government and supervised by Seoul Business Agency (SBA), which functions as a meeting platform for domestic enterprises wishing to employ talented foreigners, and foreigners looking for employment in Korea.  


Key programs at the Fair include events such as one-on-one interviews between companies and job seekers, resume / interview / employment clinics, visa consultations, image consultations, and identification photo shoots. Also, the Fair provides multicultural tradesmen (holding a resident, permanent resident or marriage immigrant visa) an employment subsidy system consultation service with the Development Cooperation Office of Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) for participating companies.


2,500 people, including 70 large domestic corporations, promising small and medium-sized enterprises and job-seeking foreigners are expected to participate in this year’s Fair. Job seekers can collect employment information from each enterprise at the booths, and the HR managers of the participating companies can manage the details of their hiring process from interview schedules to assessment results using the interview management system provided by the Fair.


Companies planning or wishing to employ foreigners or participate in the Job Fair can apply to participate on-site or on-line through the official website (http://www.seouljobfair.com). For companies wishing to participate on-site, a booth will be provided for free. 


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