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Seoul Metropolitan Government to Select 10 SMEs and Ventures and Support Investment Attraction from Guangzhou·Shenzhen



Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced the schedule for its 2018 Investment Attraction Capacity Building Program, which aims to enhance the investment attraction capacities of promising small and medium enterprises (SMEs, including startups and venture firms) located in Seoul and expand foreign investment attraction. Beginning with professional training, the program will provide one-stop support to SMEs including company consultation for foreign investment attraction and overseas IR.


Now in its eighth year, the program will begin with ‘Investment Attraction Strategy Seminar’ which is to be hosted on June 25th (Mon) at COEX, followed by professional training (4 sessions/late June – early July), company consultation (August-September), domestic IR (September), overseas expansion consultation (September-October), and overseas IR (Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China/November). In particular, the professional training consists of four sessions of seminars which will provide practical assistance to enterprises in their early stages, including special lectures from experts on business valuation and investment contracts, and practice workshops during which the participants will be able to file their own business plans for IR and plan their business model.


Following the seminar and professional training course, 20 SMEs will be selected and provided with ‘company IR consultation.’ Consultants specializing in investment and finance, including former VCs, will visit the selected SMEs and provide professional consultation on future business plans, financial estimation, customized investment attraction strategy and IR materials, based on a precise diagnosis of the enterprise. The 20 SMEs will also be able to participate in domestic and overseas IR events, through which the possibility of investment attraction will be maximized through one-on-one consultations between investors and SMEs. The city will select 10 final SMEs from domestic IR participants to invite to the Investment Meetups to be held in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China (November), and support their entry into the Chinese Market.


“Seoul Metropolitan Government prepared the Investment Attraction Capacity Building Program」 to provide SMEs with practical assistance in domestic and foreign investment attraction,” commented Dae-ho Kim, Head of the Investment Promotion Division of Seoul Metropolitan Government. “We look forward to the participation of SMEs, venture firms and startups with excellent technology.”


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